At Coffee Line Kasbergen you will find the appropriate coffee dispenser for every working place. Our coffee dispensers distinguish themselves by dispatching truly delicious coffee. Whatever systems you choose, the key-issue remains a reliable technique, nice design and minimal maintenance. Our coffee dispensers have a wide range of offerings such as chocolate, cappuccino and latte macchiato. You will always find the right machine for your specific situation and wishes, always with a fresh brew cup of coffee with a delicious flavour.


A real coffee sensation

The new Gerhardt series are a true coffee sensation. They set the standards in technique, design, quality and reliability. With its modern design and numerous technical innovations in terms of beverage preparation, dispenser care and technique, these models are absolutely an example of a high class international product. The selection keys are freely programmable, having the task to fulfill the wishes of the user. The dispatching time is, depending on the falling time of the cups and the demanded product specialty, between 5 and 15 seconds. Thanks to a high flow-ability and a neat interior, the cleaning and maintenance of these machines is reduced to a minimum. Payment of consumptions is possible optionally through all electronical payment- and card devices.


Simplicity at its best

At one touch of a button these machines prepare a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino or chocolate, in a few seconds. Offering a wide choice and flexibly programmable, they are technical innovations. No use of exhaust valves, thus avoiding leakages or scale practically everywhere. Suitable locations are notably canteens of small and medium sized companies, hotels and restaurants and retail environments. These dispensers are easily accessible and quick and easy to clean. One version is equipped with a built-in water container, for sites without water supply.


Speed and variation

These systems are equipped with several containers and some of them can be supplied both as tabletop, as with a cabinet. Due to the absence of coffee filters and coffee residue, they can be cleaned in no time. Several combinations of beverages such as coffee, chocolate, espresso or cappuccino, are prepared in a matter of seconds. To be able to satisfy all different tastes, you can easily adjust the strength of the coffee and the quantity of sugar and milk for each cup of coffee individually. Optionally we supply a version with build-in water-tank for sites without water-supply. They can be supplied with a console, increasing the dispatching height by 10 centimeters, facilitating the use of mugs and decanters.


Delicious, fast and variation

At the touch of a button you will get your preferred beverage adjusted to your personal taste in a matter of seconds: coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, wiener mélange... These dispensers offer a wide variety of hot beverages and hot water. The unique Bravilor Bonamat mixing system, gives these beverages a perfect cream topping. A compact and elegant design with stainless steel housing, easy and quick to operate, transparent canisters, energy saving mode and a minimum of maintenance. Thanks to the unique hot water system they are less vulnerable for scale formation. Ready to connect with various payment systems. These machines function with instant- or freeze dried products.

Bravilor Conventional

The best coffee rapidly

The flavour and aroma already give it away.. fresh coffee! Using a filter, making optimal use of taste and aroma. Straightforward, delicious and familiar. In a twinkling you make the quantity of coffee you desire: by hand or automatically in the unique Bravilor Bonamat decanters. These decanters preserve the aroma optimally. The fresh coffee is directly made in the special Bravilor Bonamat airpot, preserving the flavour optimally for a long period. They are equipped with a 'coffee-is-ready' signal and a de-scale indicator. The stainless steel filter pan and housing radiate a robust quality appearance. Suitable for any situation. Whatever you choose, quality and durability are priority.

Solis beans

The top in freshness

Stylish and compact fully automatic espresso machines! A large or small cup, strong or mild, cappuccino or latte macchiato, the Solis bean machine makes it all come true. A jewel in every kitchen or office, with optimal user-friendliness. Freshly grinded and fresh coffee, whenever you like. With the special steam pipe you can easily foam the milk for a delicious cup of cappuccino. Every cup freshly grinded and brewn (also 2 cups simultaneously). The strength is completely adjustable to your taste as well as the coffee content per cup. All models are equipped with a hot water function e.g. for tea and a pleasantly warm plate to preheat your espresso cup.


Food and beverage supply

Fully automatic, standalone dispensers. Combi-, Snack-, Food- and Canmachines. These machines are user-friendly and easy to fill. They supply a wide range of products such as soft drinks and snacks, fast, and shock-free into the dispatch-unit. To collect at the front and easy in maintenance. Chilled products are also possible. Vendo also has a coin mechanism integrated in one of its vending machines for wrapped food products and snacks.

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