To an ideal cup of coffee belongs ideal water. Low water hardness avoids a taste to coffee and other beverages. Descaling and a anti-scale filters offer less hard water. In this way the delicious flavours show to full advantage. Water filtration prevents more maintenance. Using an UpTo water-filter ensure you making an cup of coffee. 

Ideal water for coffee has the following properties
Brita ensures these ideal properties

The AquaQuell technology has been specifically designed to reduce the carbonate hardness, preventing scale deposits in the coffee machine and thus avoiding increased service- and maintenance costs. The concentration of calcium - and magnesium-carbonate and heavy metals, such as lead and cupper, will be reduced considerably, as well as the quantity of chloride residues.
The filtered water and the minerals give hot beverages a full aroma and take care shaping a strong and stable crema and a tasteful appearance. The water quality influences the aroma, flavour and an appealing appearance of hot and cold beverages, as they exist for 98 % out of water. Water rich of minerals is ideal. Too hard water however influences the development of the characteristic aroma of e.g. coffee. Enjoying the full development of the flavour, the best aroma, coffee specialties with the most beautiful strong, stable crema, appealing soup without lumps, tea of perfect clear colour, without ugly surface film and scale deposits in the cup.

Brita filtered water offers consistent and precise properties. This means for the preparation of coffee etc. that the carbonate hardness will be reduced as targeted, whilst all minerals important to the development of the flavour are retained. This gives you the certainty that you do everything for the best quality, the highest efficiency and the greatest success.

The filtration goes in 4 steps
Use Brita AquaQuell 1.5/0.6-BC/Purity 450/600/1200 for:

The total clear marking of each cartridge through the individual serial number, eases your stock policy and also the individual follow-up of each product. EAN-codes on the cartridge, the packaging and the sticker on the pressure vessel, enable a flawless integration in your inventory management. You will always have control on the upcoming replacement of the cartridge.

The innovative 'Quick-Lock' principle makes opening the pressure vessel easy. Thanks to the closing-tap in our standard hose assortment, the cartridge will be replaced at one glance, directly onto the filter, without any tools and few manipulations: you remove the filter-lid, take the exhausted cartridge and place a new one and place the lid back: ready!

Each new cartridge will be easily rinsed through the rewind crane on the filter-lid, all hoses stay connected. The tiresome screwing and unscrewing are not necessary: so you're gaining a lot of time.

During the first installation of the system you easily put in your individual data, local carbonate hardness and the filter type, via the adjustment button on the display.

After replacing a cartridge you need to press the reset function for 10 seconds on the display. Based on the previous settings the system calculates the capacity of the new cartridge automatically.

By means of the bypass adjustment screw you set up the required bypass and on the display the local carbon hardness and the filter type. Then the system will automatically calculate the capacity of the used cartridge.

The display shows the actual rest capacity in litres as a histogram. Besides you can read the set carbonate hardness, the actual date and the date of starting the use of the installed cartridge and the electronically defined share of water via the bypass. In this way you have full control over the actual filter status.

The display constantly shows the actual filter- capacity. If the maximum capacity is reached in litres, or the defined maximum lifetime of the cartridge has been achieved, the appropriate signal lights up. In this way you can easily and reliably plan the next replacement of the cartridge. In the operating mode the display shows the defined carbonate hardness, the actual bypass and the replacement date of the last cartridge.

Brita AquaQuell 0.6 BC

  • Reduces scale formation in the boiler system;
  • Eliminates odour- taste-substances of the water;
  • Reduces service- and maintenance costs;
  • Low investment costs;
  • Compact dimensions.


Brita AquaQuell 1.5

  • Reduced scale formation in the boiler system;
  • Eliminates odour- and taste-substances of the water;
  • Reduces the service- and maintenance costs;
  • Low investment costs;
  • Room saving build-in, horizontally or vertically possible.

Brita Purity 450, 600 en 1200

  • Reduced scale formation in the boiler system;
  • Eliminates odour- and taste-substances in the water;
  • Reduces service- and maintenance costs;
  • Low investment costs;
  • Modern professional industrial design.

Brita PURITY C Quell ST C500

Vier waterfilters voor de beste kwaliteit!

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