Coffee & Tea

The brand 'UpTo... the best drink at work' of Coffee Line offers high-end coffee products such as delicious fresh brew coffee blends, filter coffee, instant coffee and fresh beans coffee. Our product assortment also includes vending machines ingredients such as creamer, topping, sugar, cacao, as well as coffee cups, creamer- and sugarsticks and stirrers. You order your UpTo ingredients easily at your dealer. Delivery takes place within 48 hours by the own delivery service of the dealer or reseller.


You can order at this website using our order form, by email, phone or fax. If you order on-line, using the order form on this site, you will receive an overview of the ordered articles, which you can print out. You can add articles through 'Add order line". Once you have placed your order, we will deliver the goods within 48 hours.

Instant coffee (packing 12x250 grams)

UpTo Gold

This delicious coffee consists for a large part out of Colombian coffee beans, completed with a blend of various aromatic origins with a scent of Robusta for a spicy taste.

UpTo Supergold

This premium quality coffee is composed of a number of top Arabica's with a very mild taste, completed with fine Columbia coffee, strengthening it's warm character.

UpTo Espresso

A beautiful full blend consisting of robust coffee beans. An espresso coffee as espresso is really meant to be. Also the perfect base for a nice cappuccino.

UpTo Excellent

An excellent blend of high quality Arabica coffee with a well-balanced taste, finding it's origin in mild, sweet-smelling, aromatic and robust beans.

UpTo Decaf

A balanced mix of Arabica's, getting it's full flavour by a.o. Colombia coffee. A coffee from which the caffeine has been removed in a very thorough manner.

Fresh brew - Filterfine filter - Corse grind filter - Coffeebeans (packing 8x1000 grams)

Grinded coffee for conventional coffee machines.

UpTo Corse Grind filter

Delicious coffee at any moment of the day, finding it's origin in the optimal mix of refined Arabica and nice full Robusta beans, which have been roasted with great care.

UpTo Filterfine filter

Delicious coffee at any moment of the day, finding it's origin in the optimal mix of refined Arabica and nice full Robusta beans, which have been roasted with great care.

Fresh brew coffee for fresh brew machines.

UpTo Freshbrew Red Label

A delicious full body coffee made of aromatic Arabica beans from South- and Middle-America and Central Africa, completed by strong Robusta coffee from Asia.

UpTo Freshbrew Gold Label

A mild aromatic coffee made of the best Arabica completed with Mild Robusta beans for the optimal taste experience.

Coffee beans for fresh bean coffee machines.

UpTo Beans 100% Arabica

Espresso coffee made of 100 % top quality Arabica beans from South- and Middle-America, roasted in the Italian way.

Chocolate milk (packing 10x1000 grams)

UpTo Choco

To make chocolate milk with the taste of real creamy Swiss chocolate.

Creamer (packing 10x1000 grams)

UpTo Cream

Coffee with the taste of delicious full cream.

Topping (packing 10x1000 grams)

UpTo Topp

For a delicious Italian cappuccino, café latte, latte macchiato with a delicious head.

Tea (packing 6x1000 grams)

UpTo Tea

Delicious, fresh and refreshing English tea blend.

UpTo CREAM - Creamer sticks (packing 600 pieces)

UpTo Creamer sticks dispenser

Dispenser packing containing 600 sticks, each wrapped individually.

UpTO SUGAR - Suikerzakjes (Verpakking 600 stuks)

UpTo Sugarsticks dispencer

Dispenscerverpakking met 600 sugarsticks. 
Elk afzonderlijk verpakt.

Soups (packing 8 x 750 grams)

UpTo Mushroom soup
UpTo Tomato soup
UpTo Vegetable soup
UpTo Chicken soup



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